Learn A New Language!


When In Rome, Speak As The Romans Speak…

Speaking from experience, we can safely conclude that you haven’t really enjoyed your vacation to the fullest if you haven’t spoken to the locals in their native language. Some knowledge on the very basic vocabularies and sentence structures of the language, and combining them with some clever body gestures, are all that you’ll need to go a long mile.
But, why bother learning a local language at all, anyway?
A simple Bonjour (French), Ciao (Italian), Hola (Spanish), Namaste (Hindi), Konni-chiwa (Japanese), Ni-hao (Mandarin), all mean the same — Hello, but addressing the locals in their own language connects the two of you almost instantaneously. The more connected you are to the locals, the more hidden gems they’re willing to share with you.
Therefore, it is a habit for us to learn at least 200 vocabularies in the language of the locals before going on a vacation. We usually do this via RocketLanguages.com. Although it is a paid learning platform, the learning system that it uses is the most efficient we’ve used so far, as it teaches you only the essence you need in order to hold a decent conversation with a native speaker.
The best part is, RocketLanguages.com allows all our readers on Hotel Search Engine Demo to sign up for a free 7-day trial, that has pretty much the same contents as their paying members. If you’re interested in speed learning a language for your upcoming vacation, I’d strongly recommend you to follow these links and give their free trial a test run: